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Here is where I am [Jun. 9th, 2015|11:03 pm]
I've been meaning to get back to blogging for a while. But it's so, so hard to jump back in after being silent for so long. It's like I've lost my voice.

And then I saw people starting the "100 days of LJ" thing, and at first I was inspired but then I was intimidated because I knew I'd never be able to keep it up but then almost everyone on my friend's list that was doing it missed a day so now I'm OK with it again.

And just when I was about to type "and - yay - the issue with not being able to type in the visual editor seems to be fixed" the issue with not being able to type in the visual editor started happening again. I have become such a jinx that I don't even have to talk about something to jinx it. I just have to think it.

So, I have no idea what I'm going to blog about, but I'm here. And that's a start, right?
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Hill Country DITL [Mar. 20th, 2015|08:26 am]

A stroll through a small Texas town on an almost Spring dayCollapse )
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DITL Day! [Mar. 9th, 2015|10:02 pm]
glampditl splash

Click for glampy goodnessCollapse )
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This is why I don't post after midnight [Feb. 24th, 2015|12:38 am]
I have absolutely nothing to say, but I'm going to post anyway.

Despite my threat to inundate you with posts about our upcoming glampout, I haven't said anything about it because I've set the camera down somewhere and haven't managed to look for it long enough to find it and take some pictures of all our glampstuff. I supposed I could just talk about it, but then I'd have to type and stuff.

I am torn between worrying that no one will show up and worrying that a lot of people will show up and be bored. What I should be worrying about is whether everything will fit into the many cars we are taking because of all the stuff we have. It's all really cool stuff, though. Two tents that combined have more square footage than my last house. Awesome bamboo folding chairs. Adorable little containers I made for honey and agave nectar because omg what if someone likes sweetener in their tea but doesn't eat refined sugar and all I brought was refined sugar and they're left holding a cup of rapidly cooling non-sweetened tea and staring forlornly at a bowl of sugar cubes mocking them with their sugary cubiness.

If no one shows up, I'm making Middle Daughter put agave nectar in her tea.
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And so it begins. Or not. [Jan. 29th, 2015|07:19 am]
See what happens? I declare I'm going to post every day for a month, so of course what I really do is not post at all for over two months. I often wonder how anyone manages to live with my contrariness.

In any case, have approximately 15 seconds before I have to get ready for work, so this isn't actually a post, just more of a wave as I'm passing through. And a warning that when I do start up with the regular posting, I will most likely post way too much about our upcoming Steampunk glampout. I am obsessed, y'all. Obsessed.
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Some things are just too scary [Nov. 2nd, 2014|09:25 am]
So, a friend is doing NaNoWriMo and was strongly encouraging me to do it, too. I knew I'd never follow though, but I sort of committed in my head to doing NaNoBloMo instead, and writing a blog post every day in November.

You may have noticed that today is November second. And I did not post anything yesterday. I like to get my failure to meet a goal out of the way early in the process. It takes the pressure off.

So, we had a splendid Halloween. I love my neighborhood because no one has the "Trick or Treat is for little kids" attitude. It's not unusual to see high school kids or even adults holding out a bag, so I don’t have to worry about people giving my 5’6” 12-year-old boy the stinkeye.

This year he wanted to be Green Arrow, and thankfully Middle Daughter, who is now obsessed with cosplay, did the majority of the work for his costume. Also thankfully he still fit into the leather jacket Husband bought for him back in fourth grade. All I had to make was the hood, which was super easy, and even easier because I totally cheated attaching the hood since no one would see the inside of it anyway. I’ve made at least a half dozen hooded capes over the years but I just drew a total blank about how to do it and the directions (I was using a raincoat pattern) were useless.
Picture under the cutCollapse )

One of the families in the neighborhood put together a haunted house, which resulted in a conversation yesterday about haunted houses and what’s scary and what’s not. Husband and I decided that we should do a haunted house for grownups. It would have things like a room with a grown kid that won’t move out and one with an accountant showing you your retirement savings balance and a room full of out of warranty major appliances making clanking noises.
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Bring the cheese, because I've got the whine [Sep. 20th, 2014|11:53 am]

I'm still here. Just not feeling chatty. I need to just post when the mood hits me, even if it's just a one-liner. Just to get back in the habit.

I wish LJ would fix the editor. Or is it just me? Right now for instance it's only showing every other letter I type. <<<That sentence took me over two minutes. And I type somewhere in the range of 85 wpm. So, yeah. The whole experience just makes me stabby. Like I need help with that.

Let's see...what else can whine about? It's Heinous Yankee Pollen season again, which means you can safely invest your retirement money in Kleenex stock. I will personally see to it that you can spend your golden years on the balcony of a villa in the charming European country of your choice.

My house needs cleaning. I guess I can't really whine about that (even though technically I just did) since I could just clean it. But now I kind of feel like the house and I are in a staring contest, and if I scrub the baseboards it would be like blinking. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME BLINK, HOUSE.

I may have issues.

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Thursday DITL - Red Solo Cup Night! [Jul. 12th, 2014|02:30 pm]
In which I keep forgetting to take pictures.
[Typical summer Thursday]


Remember to turn off the alarm.

Molly wants to go outside

Basil in bloom

Tonight is Family Fun Night "Red Solo Cup" theme night. These are our entries in the sculpture competition. The clothespin is not part of the sculpture.

I post the answer to yesterday's Wednesday Whatzit on our Dark Charity and Clever Jeanette page.

The Boy is up and almost ready

Molly gets second breakfast

Husband packs The Boy's lunch

I try to tame my hair

It works. Sort of. I'm not sure it qualifies as "soft, seductive, silky perfection" but it's all going in more or less the same direction, which is something.

Middle Daughter leaves for work

The Boy and I stop to buy donuts for me to give the testers at work. And maybe a couple extra for us.

Dropping The Boy off at camp

They have recently redone the plaza at my office and planted grass on the escalator overhangs. It's kinda cool.

The neverending todo list

Requirements meeting with Kenny.

Leftovers for lunch. Much tastier than one would suspect from this picture.

And suddenly, it's snack time!

And suddenly, it's time to go home. There is music in the plaza, but it's Family Fun Night, so I don't stop to listen.

I get home at the same time as Husband, so we walk to my cousin's house together.

We will be getting new next door neighbors soon, it appears.

We get to my cousin's house (it's only halfway down the block).

The competition is fierce this year. The windmill actually spins.

Red Solo Cups everywhere!

Our family's entries take home Best Animal, Most Creative, and Second Place overall.

Husband texts Middle Daughter (who is working) to let her know she won Second Place.

Back home, I find my Boston Metaphysical Society Kickstarter reward has arrived. Yay!

Molly wants to share some love and hair.

And then I forgot to take more pictures, so you miss the front door handle breaking and me staying up until after midnight trying to fix it.
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Move along, nothing here to see [Jun. 8th, 2014|07:47 pm]

I don't know why I feel like every journal entry has to have a point. I enjoy reading other people's journals when they post about their day, or what they're cooking, or reading, or watching, but I always think if I post a journal entry like that, everyone will unfriend me. I guess because everyone else's life is more interesting than mine? And now I'm resorting to uptalking? Like, ErMahGerd, when did THAT become a thing? No, really...when did that become a thing? Because I don't remember noticing it until recently.

Granted, I don't remember a lot of things these days. Like phone numbers, or what I had for breakfast, or what it was I went to the store to get, or to put on pants. Well, maybe not that last one. I might have made that one up. I can't remember.

One thing I did remember today was how much I used to enjoy eating at the Spaghetti Warehouse downtown. But I haven't been there in years. Aside from one lunch there about ten years ago, I hadn't been in decades. So Husband humored me and we went there for dinner tonight. I think Husband and The Boy were mostly indifferent (although The Boy's ears pricked up a bit when I told him it was haunted) but Middle Daughter liked all the woodwork and antiques. And I ate too much bread and drank a glass of wine, which means I should be falling asleep any minute now. And if this post was supposed to have a point, I've forgotten what it was.

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Comicpalooza DITL [May. 28th, 2014|10:26 am]
Day one of Comicpalooza. I kept forgetting to take pictures.

Warnings for much nerdinessCollapse )
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