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I'm everywhere!!!

Due to pressure from She Who Will Not Be Named, I now have a myspace account. But because I'm not nearly smart enough to keep up with myself at two locations, I'm just going to post here.

So, sometimes I'm going to reply to stuff I got there, but do it over here. Like this:

Do the world a favor: fill it out and post it for all your friends.... Do this because the person who sent it to you didn't sit here for ages for nothing. Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff.

Name: What's in a name? I am variously Jo, TM, SpinTheMoon, Mom...and occasionally things not suitable for public viewing.

Brothers: 1

Sisters: 1

Eye color: Dark brown. Sort of auburn, like my hair.

Shoe size: 7 1/2

Height: 5 5 1/2 (apparently I am made up of halfs)

Innie or Outie: Saggie

What are you wearing right now? Pointelle knit niteshirt and a cotton robe with violets

Where do you live? At home

Righty or lefty: righty

Best place to go for a date: Here

Month: Current? June? Favorite? July, becuase it has my birthday in it.

Juice: Orange. I'm a traditionalist

Breakfast: Lately I'm partial to egg in a hole. Because it's fun to say, even in spanish.

Number: I never met a number I didn't like, as long as they don't try to interact

Have You Ever..

Smoked: no

Bungee jumped: No

Skinny dipped: yes - but only on private property, so I don't know if that counts 

Loved someone: How old are the people who write these questions? Ten? Of course I've loved somone. I've loved more someones than I can count.

Played Truth or Dare: Yes

Been in a police car: Yes, but not as a suspect. 

Been on a plane: yes

Came close to dying: Define "close".  There were some hairy moments after Middle Daughter was born.

Been in a sauna: Yes.

Been in a hot tub: Yes.

Swam in the ocean: Yes.

Fallen asleep in school: yes

Broken someone's heart: It would seem a bit egotistic to say yes, but the truth is, I'm pretty sure that's the right answer.

Cried when someone died: yes

Cried in school: Does my nasty mean old Shakespear professor's office count?

Fell off your chair: Yes. Duh.

Sat by the phone all night: Only once.

Saved AIM conversation: I don't know that I've ever had an AIM conversation.

Been cheated on: Oh yeah.



What's your room like: Calm

What is beside you: Sometimes I'm beside myself

What is the last thing you ate?: popcorn, last night while watching Aquamarine with the girls

What kind of shampoo do you use: This month, Fructis something or other. 

Ever Had...

Chicken pox: yup

Sore throat: Yes

Stitches: yes

Broken nose: yes (man, I sound a little rough around the edges, don't I?)


Do You...

Believe in love at first sight: Yes. Either that, or Husband and I just got lucky.

Like picnics: Yes, but I always pack way too much food 

Like school: I seriously considered flunking something my senior year just so I could stick around for a while



Who was the last person you called: Someone at work.

Who was the last person you danced with: The whole family. Wednesday night we put on a beatles CD and danced in the living room to "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and "Octopus's Garden".

Who makes you smile: Who doesn't?


Who did you last yell at? Probably Middle Daughter.

Broke your heart: Like I remember.

Told you they loved you last?: Husband.


Do you like filling these out?: Are you kidding? When do I not like talking about myself? I do have  blog, after all.

Do you wear contact lenses or glasses: Glasses when I drive or watch TV 

Do you like yourself: As compared to what?

Do you get along with your family: Absolutely

Final Questions:

What are you listening to right now: "Getting Dressed"  - The Boy is watching Sesame Street

What did you do yesterday: Worked and hung out at home 

Hated someone in your family: Heck no!

What kind of car do u want: The kind that doesn't accumulate trash in the back seat would be nice.

Good Driver: I'm too superstisious to jinx myself this way.

Diamond or pearl: Pearls.

Are you the oldest?: Oldest what?

Indoor or outdoor? Do I have to choose?

Today did you...

Talk to someone you liked: Sure.

Buy something new: Not yet, but then I haven't even had breakfast yet

Got sick: no

Sang: I try not to inflict that on my family.

Talked to an ex: Nope

Miss someone: No.

Last person

Was in your bed?: Me.

Saw you cry: I have no clue - I don't remember the last time I cried. If I had to guess, I'd say Husband.

Made you cry: See above

Went to the movies with: Husband, Oldest Daughter, and The Boy - we saw Cars

You went to the mall with: See above

Been to California: yes

Been to Mexico: yes

Been to Canada: Nope

Been to Africa: Nope

Been to Asia: Yes


Do you have a crush on someone: I'm not telling

What books are you reading now: I'm between books. Just finished one earlier this week and haven't gotten the chance to crack a new one.

Best feeling in the world: Is it a contest?

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Not unless Husband counts.

Favorite sport to watch: Eh.

Favorite location: Whereever man-eating tigers aren't, I guess

Piercing/Tattoos: Ears pierced. No tattoos

What are you most scared of right now: I'm not scared right now

Who do you really hate? No one.

Whats stuck in your head right now: Nothing. My head is pretty empty.

Have you ever gotten beat up: I think this is another jinx question.

Ever liked someone: OK, what I'm wondering is who has ever filled this out and answered this question "No"? 

Your Favorite Food?: I love all of it.

Have you ever cried for no reason?: no

Are you too shy to ask someone out? I was when I was young. What a waste.

Hugs or kisses?: Both, thankyouverymuch.

Butter, plain or salted popcorn?: Sure

Did you know that popcorn can perforate your bowels?: Did you know that asking silly questions can make you look, well...silly?

Favorite Flower?: wild violets

Have you ever fired a gun?: yes

Do you like to travel by plane as opposed to car: I have no preference. Why is everyone always trying to make everything a contest around here?

How many pillows do you sleep with?: One, unless you count the other four or five in the bed that my particular head isn't touching.

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