spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

The time, she is flying

Where did the week go? And I had stuff happen, darn it! Stuff I could have, you know, blogged about.

But, just to get back in the groove, I'll share a conversation I had with The Boy this evening.

He walked into the living room, sobbing as if his heart would break. Sissy took my stick!! he wailed, over and over, between the sniffles and hiccups.

So, I went into the other room to talk to Oldest Daughter, the accused. She told me that he had hit her in the head with the stick, and then thrown it across the room, so she took it away from him.

I went back into the living room, where The Boy was still a miserable sobbing lump. I gathered him into my lap, and said, It seems you left out the part of the story where you hit Sissy with the stick.

He wailed even louder, clenched fists covering his eyes, and screamed, I didn't tell you that part of the story because I didn't want you to hear it!!
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