spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Back in the world

We lost our phone and internet service last Thursday. We got the phone back Saturday, but didn't get the DSL fixed until late yesterday.

I felt so disconnected!!! I didn't realize how much I use the net until it was gone. Middle Daughter got invited to a friend's house - one we had never been to before - and didn't get directions. No problem, I'll just look it...oh, right. I did manage to impress her with my map reading skills. We wondered how late that little place stayed open on Sundays. No worries, I'll just check their websi...well, maybe not.

The worst part was not being without the internet, though. It was trying to get our service fixed. Thankfully Husband dealt with it all, because if it had been me the police would have shown up to see what the rukus was about. AT&T inadvertently closed our ticket not once but twice. Oops!! Then when the technician showed up on Saturday (while we were gone) he determined the problem was with the wire connecting the alarm to the phone line. So he disconnected it. 

So, when we called the alarm company, they told us that the problem wasn't their wire - that was just the phone company not wanting to admit they screwed something up. And they would send someone to reconnect it, but we would have to pay for a service call. At fifty-five bucks an hour.

Husband had to miss work yesterday, because the DSL technician wouldn't work without someone to sign the work order. And of course the DSL tech was scheduled to come in the morning, but the alarm guy couldn't make it until after noon.

It turned out that the alarm people were right - their wiring wasn't the problem. Water had gotten into one of the outside cables; the one hardwired to our DSL. In the course of investigating, the tech also claimed that whoever had wired our DSL to begin with was "lazy" and hadn't done it right, and she ended up rewiring both the jack and the whole phone box.

Sadly, this is the short version of events. I didn't even mention the several hours Husband spent on the phone with various local and offshored helpdesk personnel who all told us to unplug the phone and see if that helped. Or to check and make sure the computer was powered on. Or that the modem was plugged in. And then helpfully closed our tickets so that when we called back for a status we were told we weren't in the system. Oh, and the helpful tech who asked for an alternate contact number (even though our voice service had been restored) and then listed Husband's work number as the primary contact. Which resulted in our ticket getting closed for "invalid contact number" when someone tried to call us and got Husband's voice mail.

Grrr. So I'm back, but in a bear of a mood.

In other news, Oldest Daughter arrived Saturday for the summer, amid much rejoicing. Of course, she was already saying "I'm bored" by lunchtime on Monday. Ah, youth!
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