spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Note to you

Yes, you...pushy swim-team mom.

If the team rules are that if you aren't at the time trials, you don't get placed in a first heat at the first swim meet, and your precious darling missed the time trials, then your precious darling is not going to get placed in a first heat at the first swim meet.

It really isn't necessary for you to corner every coach at the meet and spend fifteen minutes yelling about it. Really, it's not. We don't care that you were in Mexico. We don't care that your precious darling is a really good swimmer. We would really rather the coaches spend time doing something else - like, oh...run the meet.

You don't have to scream about how the coaches are "giving away the butterfly" because if we wanted to win, your precious darling would be swimming the butterfly. You aren't really special enough for the coaches to spend time tracking you down to ask you if your precious darling wants to swim the butterfly.

This is summer league, lady. This is the rec center, not the Olympics. Your daughter is nine years old. You want to help the team? Then be a timer. Or a runner. Or hand out ribbons. Or even just shut the butterfly up.

Thank you.
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