spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Under pressure

I'm cooking dinner. I know what you're thinking. What's the big deal about that? And you're probably also thinking, Man, this is the most boring blog EVER. 

Well, I can't vouch that you're not correct on the second point, but you'd be way off on the first. Because the big deal is that I am cooking dinner in my new pressure cooker.

Woot! This is my Mother's Day present, and I'm just now getting a chance to try it out. Not only am I trying it out, I'm trying it out on a new recipe. So I'm sitting on pins and needles (not really for all you literalists out there) wondering if dinner will be scrumptious or whatever the opposite of scrumptious is. I'm tired; figure it out for yourself. You're all bright people - I'm sure you've thought of about ten words I could have used already.

I had a pressure cooker once upon a time. I loved it, but it had issues. I never knew if it would actually pressurize or not. Which was, I suppose, fitting, given that I never knew if the oven I had at the time would light. Dinner was always an adventure.

But I loved it anyway, especially when it worked. Stuffed bell peppers in ten minutes. Pork roast in 45 minutes. I was giddy with the power of it. But it eventually stopped pressurizing altogether (I think the lid was bent) and I finally parted with it on my last super fling.

OK, time for the moment of truth - I need to go cut the fire off and let it depressurize and see how everything went. Wish me luck!!
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