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10 is a big number

Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why.
My letter, given to me by marshmelococoa, is "R"

– The most important “R” on my list. Nuff said.
Refrigerator - where I keep my food. I love food, so the refrigerator is important. I’ve had my refrigerator for 20 years, and it’s been on its last legs for about 15 of them. I have a sinking feeling that as soon as I shell out my life savings to replace the AC, the refrigerator will die.
Reading – my obsession. I read all the time. I actually ruined my eyes reading (sadly, that’s not an old wives’ tale) when I was a child.
Renaissance Faires – OK, so that’s two words. But do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with words that start with “R”? I knew I was going to marry dh when he gamely wore tights the first time I took him to a renfaire.
Roots – mine are deep. This mystifies my dh, who moved often as a child.
Recycling – although sometimes I feel we don’t recycle so much as collect recyclables, I absolutely hate throwing away anything that can be recycled. My city is switching to curbside recycling soon, which makes me sad because I enjoy our weekly (well, mostly weekly) trips to the recycling center.
Romance – I am probably the least romantic person on the planet. At least, the things most people think are romantic I eye with suspicion. It’s not the big romantic gestures that matter – it’s the day-to-day things.
Records – boy, do I miss records. I especially miss 45’s. I miss B-sides. As a teen, I spent hours with my friends going through records and playing them on my little red-and-white striped portable record player. I still have all my records.
Rain – I love the rain. I love the way it sounds, I love the way it smells, I love the way it makes everything green afterwards.
Restaurants – what a cool concept. I go in, sit down at a nice table – maybe with flowers or a candle or both – and someone brings me food. What’s not to love?
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