spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Idol hands are a weevil's woodshop

...or something like that.

Since I have no real life of my own, I will now comment on reality television.

OK, I'm so totally not sorry that Ace is gone, but what was up with the final three?

Chris? Paris? 

And Kornpone...I mean, Kelli...is in the top three? After she gave a totally lame-o performance? Was it the shoes, after all? Can I last many more weeks of her aw-shucksing her way through the interviews? Is she really that stupid, or is playing the cute dumb blonde what got her dates in high school, so she's hoping the same strategy will take her to the top here as well?

In other news, I'm finally starting to get the McFeever. Katharine so far has left me cold, but she totally nailed it last night, and deserves to win the whole shebang on the basis of that performance alone.

And finally, who the heck is voting for Elliot? He sings well enough, but he's totally boring. Five minutes after his song is over I forget he's even performed.
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