spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

This, that, and oh, yeah...the other thing

Why is it the longer it's been since I've posted, the harder it is to post? It's like since I've been silent so long I feel whatever breaks the silence needs to have some importance.

But, since all I have to post about is my life, the chances of posting something of importance fall somewhere between slim and none.

This past week life has gone on as usual...The Boy started hacking and we didn't like the way he was breathing so Husband took off work Thursday and they went to the doctor. The Boy was diagnosed with chronic seasonal bronchitis, which is more or less another way of saying asthma, which we have suspected for a while. They had to nebulize him twice and give him steroids before his oxygen levels got back up to normal, which is a scary thought.

He also got an oral steriod, which resulted in him doing an absolutely hysterical (in every sense of the word) song-and-dance routine for one straight hour. Fortunately by the second day the hyperness had worn off, and we spent the day at the Livestock show and even braved a couple of carnival rides, (if you can call going on the "Wiggly Worm" kiddy coaster brave) something I have never done in the mumblesomething years I've been going to the rodeo. Just one more way that having children has expanded my horizons.

Yesterday was Shoe Day. Husband got new work shoes, The Boy got light-up spiderman sandals, and Middle Daughter got a pair of dress shoes. In the women's section. Sigh. Like it wasn't bad enough I bought her a dress in the Jr. department already. Of course, the pair I had picked up for her earlier on sale for ten bucks didn't fit, and the only pair we found that did fit cost $50, but she needed something that would go with the dress and her flip flops didn't cut the mustard. Not that we go around trying to cut mustard with shoes - just wanted to clear that up in case you're ever over here for a cookout and wondering about the condiments.

That's all for now. There's only so much excitement I can take at one time.

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