spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Hooray for Hollywood!!

You know it's been a slow year at the movies when the biggest surprize of the Oscars isn't who won best picture, but the fact that Uma Thurman actually wore a pretty dress.

Then again, who actually watches the awards to see the awards? It's all about the clothes, baby. With that in mind, here are my 78th Annual Academy Awards fashion impressions.

For pure entertainment value, I'd have to go with Charlize My-Dress-Has-A-Growth Theron. Proving that brains and beauty can co-exist, she cleverly wears a gown with a built-in travel pillow, just in case the ceremony proves a bigger snooze-fest than usual.

And Naomi Watts must be the coolest pet owner in Hollywood. Who else but a true animal lover would let their cat play with their Oscar dress before the big night? That is what happened to her dress, right? I mean, it wasn't made that way, was it?

I love Felicty Huffman to death, but sweetie - have a cookie. Washboard abs = good, washboard chest = bad. And it doesn't help when you put your dress on backwards. Backless is fetching, darling...backless.

And finally, I don't think the promoters who dreamed up the "return to glamour" theme of the night were talking about WWII pinup posters. So whatever possessed Jessica Alba to attach a gorgeous formal skirt to her grandmother's bathing suit?

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