spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

The Boy Went Over the Mountain

The Boy has been staying up very late for the last week or so, which means he is now a total bear, complete with growliness and a lumbering, shuffly step.

He gets very grumpy when he's tired, does The Boy - and isn't shy about sharing with the rest of us. He also gets very frustrated, collapsing in puddles of despair over any tiny setback. Can't find the yellow marker? Wailing and gnashing of teeth. Can't tear off the exactly right length of tape? Moaning and flailing of various limbs.

When he's tired like this, he becomes especially frustrated with Husband and me for not letting him interrupt. Normally, if we ask him to wait until we've at least managed to finish our current sentence, he complies with only minor impatience. During weeks like this, we're more likely to be met with a howling No!! I'm trying to tell you about something different!!

Sometimes, though, he's a bit more subtle. I knew we were in for a long evening when he greeted me with a picture as I walked in the door. It was two elephants, with open mouths and bared teeth. 

"Ask me why the elephants are angry" he commanded. 

"Why are the elephants angry?" I obligingly asked.

"Because their Daddy wouldn't listen to them" he said, with a distinctively warning tone.
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