spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I'm having a fling

It's that time again...when I decide I have too much stuff and need to get rid of it NOW. Last year during the Flylady super fling boogie, Husband and I ejected a ton of stuff from our house and garage. Literally. I forget the final tally, but it was over 2,000 pounds.

Scary to think that after flinging that much stuff, I still have stuff to fling, but a year has gone by and things have accumulated and there is stuff I had use for then that I don't have use for now. Like the blender without a lid. I suppose technically I didn't have a use for a blender without a lid last year either, but at that time I had an emotional need not to toss it out. It was a sentimental blender.

Today we put a chair by the road. I hope it found a good home. It was hard to let go. I have a thing for chairs. Apparently, I have a deep-seated fear of standing, since I collect chairs the way that black sweater I had back in college collected lint. Just in case you didn't happen to know me in college, and never saw the sweater I'm talking about, that means I have lots and lots of chairs. So many that about half of them are in the garage or the attic or the shed. 

But, I'm redoing the kids' rooms and one of the things I took out of Middle Daughter's room was a large wicker toy chest. And since we keep The Boy's toys in a small plastic tub in the den, I figured it would be nice to move the toy chest into the den. Only two problems - the toy chest was white, which did not match the rest of the room, and there was no room in the den for a rather large toy chest. The first problem I solved with some gold paint and some brown paint and some paint thinner and an old cloth diaper (use your imagination here). The second problem was a bit trickier. There wasn't a place to put the newly painted toy chest, but there was a chair that no one had sat in for about four years. It had become little more than a place to set the tv antenna (yes, we have rabbit ears...wanna make something of it?) and odd toys that didn't fit in the plastic tub.

But but but...it was a chair. A chair, you understand. The furniture lint to my black sweater self. I toyed with the idea of retiring it to the garage, but that wouldn't fly. This chair was upholstered, and wouldn't survive in my decidedly non-climate-controlled garage, except perhaps as a possum nest or future science experiment. So I hardened my heart and asked Husband to haul it to the curb, where it sat hopefully as I drove off to work this morning, and where it wasn't when I returned home this evening.

Tomorrow, I go through Middle Daughter's room. She has given me permission to toss anything I want to toss. This should be interesting.

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