spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Last night, driving home, I was sitting at a red light when I felt a thump, the driver of the car behind me apparently not quite grasping the concept of stoplight.

No damage, other than my back is a bit sore, but it's always a little unsettling how something like that can come out of nowhere, without warning.

Sort of like around 2:30 this morning, when The Boy suddenly started crying in his sleep. Awake, he managed to tell us that his ear hurt. By the time I returned from the bathroom with the numbing drops, he had a fever.

Sigh. Just last night he was happily kissing his new slug friend goodnight (well, not the actual slug, but the jar the slug was temporarily calling home) and before lunchtime, he's throwing up in the doctor's bathroom because the throat swab gagged him.

Such is life.

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