spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

So you say

The Boy has an excellent vocabulary. One I would like to attribute to our loving guidance, but in reality is probably more the result of watching too many Godzilla and UltraMan videos. Which would explain why half the time he sounds like he's been dubbed into English.

The thing I love about this age is the way he mixes up words. Tonight he was pretending a folded up piece of paper was his "waffle" and we had to put money in it. Every once in a while he would say to himself, "Oh, yeah - wallet" but then a minute later he'd say, "Mommy, put eight dollars in my waffle."

Yesterday, after he overheard Husband and I talking about places we might go, he came up to me and said earnestly, "I want to go to Sam's. I want to see the butterflies."

I must have looked puzzled, because he said it again, this time with his hands fluttering wildly about like the sought-after butterflies in an effort to get his message through my apparently thick skull. "I want to go to Sam's where the butterflies are. And the big fish."

"Sam's?" I asked, not sure I was hearing him correctly. "Yes, I want to go Sam's. Not the Sam's where we get groceries, the Sam's where the butterflies fly all around and the big fish."

The light dawned. "Do you mean the museum?" I asked. "Yes!" he replied excitedly. "The Mew Sam's."

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