spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Twas the day before Christmas

And I actually am DONE with everything except cleaning house. Which, you know, is never really done anyway. But I do need to take down the tent in the living room to make room for presents.

Today Middle Daughter is going to a football game with her dad, and The Boy and Husband are going to make cookies for Santa.

For now, a few pics of Christmas in SpinthemoonLand:

The polar bear looking at Baby Jesus. Yes, we have a polar bear in our nativity.

The angel on top of our tree, made by one of my nieces many years ago. I'm wondering if we're the only ones who top our tree with a toilet paper tube.

And finally, The Boy in his elf hat. He fell in love with it at the dollar store.

Tags: holidays, pics
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