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Do I look different to you?

Didn't post much last week because we didn't have a computer. After months of it being a bit on the wonky side, it finally bit the big one, and we had to replace it.

The new one is very nice, and very quiet. The old one sounded something like a cross between a blender full of rocks and a jet plane. Kinda like my car sounds. This one is so quiet, I can't tell that it's on except by the neon-blue glow of the power button. Which is a good thing, given that the computer is in the room with the TV, and we were all going deaf from having the volume on the TV turned up to a bazillion so that we could hear it over the computer.

It also came with a new keyboard, which was irritating because we had just bought a new keyboard two days before the box went blooey. Since the one we bought is nicer than the one that came with the computer (it even matches better stylistically) we left then new one in the box.

The new computer also came with tiny little speakers, adorably cute in a tiny speakery kind of way, but since they don't have an earphone jack on them we're still using the old big clunky speakers. And we still have our big fat monitor, since there's nothing wrong with it and we wanted to put the money into the box. I'm too cheap to replace anything that's still working.

Which is why I have a 20-year-old refrigerator that now carries the honors of being the loudest appliance in the house. Yesterday when I was cleaning the toaster oven I was trying to remember how old it was, and could only come up with "older than the refrigerator." I keep thinking that any day now I'll have to replace my blowdrier, which is at least 10 years old. And while I'm on the subject of blowdriers, am I the only person in the world who cleans the lint off the filter on my blowdryer every couple of months? Is that normal behavior?


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