spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Keep your fingers crossed

I finished Middle Daughter's costume with half an hour to spare. We carved the pumpkins without incident, as long as you don't count the pumpkin-seed fight. The Boy told me what kind of eyes, nose, and mouth he wanted on his. When it was done and we set it out on the front porch and lit it, I said "Look at your jack-o-lantern" and he replied "I can't look at it - it's too scary!"

We're all set for the holiday, and apparently so are the thunderstorms that are moving in tomorrow evening. They're scheduled to hit right about the time we would be trick-or-treating.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. The Boy will be crushed if it rains. This is the first year he really "gets" it, and has been looking forward to being spiderman and trick-or-treating for weeks now. Aside from occasional musings on smoke alarms and riding the Metro Train, it's all he's talked about for days.
Tags: holidays
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