spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Yesterday I had a little tickle in my throat. This morning, it wasn't so ticklish. And my head felt like someone was trying to pry the top of it off with a crowbar. I'm not a believer in dragging myself to the workplace to infect my comrades in arms, so I stayed home.

So, did I get to spend the day curled up on the couch with a nice cup of tea, a comfy blanket, and a shlocky old movie? Of course not. Because The Boy is also sick. This is the second time in three months that I've been sick and had to take care of a sick kid, too. Only he's not stay-in-bed sick; he's just don't-infect-the-whole-daycare sick.

We did have a nice day, considering. No meltdowns (from him or me) and he mostly played quietly or watched Thomas the Tank Engine tapes while I checked my work email. (And why do I do that? I'm home. I'm sick. I'm not at work. But I spend all day answering emails anyway.)

I hope we're both better tomorrow.
Tags: whining
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