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Because it is, after all, all about ME [Oct. 13th, 2005|08:20 am]

Borrowed from eclecticmama  and marshmelococoa

7 years ago...

How old were you? 38

What grade were you in? Grade A prime, I'd say.

Where did you go to school? I dropped Middle Daughter off at preschool, does that count?

Where did you work? SAGA. Sigh. Peyton place though it was, I loved it.

Where did you live? Same place I do now, only in a different house.

How was your hair style? My hair does not have a style. It just is. It's zen hair.

Did you wear braces? Not 7 years ago.

Did you wear contacts? No

Did you wear glasses? Off and on.

Who was your best friend? I didn't really have one.

Who was your boyfriend? Didn't have one, seeing as how I had just converted him into a husband a few months before.

Who was your celebrity crush? No idea. Was I supposed to have one?

Who was your regular-person crush? No one, although there were people I'd have liked to crush, but that's a whole different thing.

Were you a virgin? Gosh, I hope not, what with having a four-year-old daughter and being a newlywed and all.

How many piercings did you have? One in each ear. Unless you count my piercing voice.

How many tattoos did you have? Zero

What was your favorite band? The Rogues, followed by Brother and Savage Garden.

What was your biggest fear? That Husband would come to hate me as much as my Ex did.

Had you smoked a cigarette yet? No. Still haven't.

Had you gotten drunk or high yet? That day? Seriously, hadn't been drunk in a dozen years, never been high.

Had you driven yet? Yes.

If so what car(s) did you use? At that time? My first Saturn.

Which of your pets were still alive? Didn't have a pet quite yet, although we were about to get Lisa the Wonder Dog.

Which members of your family were still alive? Fortunately, I haven't lost anyone in the last seven years.

Which members of your family were not born yet? The Boy

Where did you chill on the weekends? At home or at a friend's house. Back then we had friends.

You feel old now don't you? Darlin, I AM old, LOL.