spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Why do I do this?

It's 12:15 AM and I'm still awake. Why? I've been tired since 9:00. I'm not doing anything important. I'm not caught up in some TV show. I'm not doing anything useful. I'm just not in bed.

I did lay down with The Boy for an hour after he threw a screaming crying kicking fit about changing into his pj's and going to bed. It took Husband and I both in a co-ordinated attack plan to get his clothes changed. Most of the time The Boy just sleeps in his clothes anyway, but lately he's gotten very enamored of his "truck pajamas" and refuses to go to bed without them.

So, after a half hour of screaming and tears (not all of them The Boy's) and him yelling repeatedly "Quit arguing with me! Quit telling me what to do!" the fight just suddenly went out of him and he calmly put on his pajama bottoms and asked me if I would lie down with him. Given that 30 seconds prior he was screaming at me to get out of his room, how could I refuse? So I told him I would lie down with him for five minutes. But he wasn't asleep in five minutes, so I sang him a couple of songs and then dozed off myself.

Have I mentioned that my son is like a radiator? I swear, we're not going to have to heat the house this winter because he gives off so much freaking heat. So of course I doze for about 45 minutes and then wake up all overheated and sweating like I've spent six hours in a Swedish sauna. And now even though I'm tired I'm just rested enough to respond to the thought of going to bed with "meh".
Tags: whining
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