spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

How come the plan never does go smooth?

Yesterday as we were getting ready to go the movie, Husband noticed one of the tires on his car was very low. No biggie - we took my car to the movie and dinner afterwards (by the way, bonus points if you can guess which movie) and figured we'd get a new tire today.

So, today when Husband goes out to the car, the tire is not just low, but nearly flat. We borrowed a pump and got it inflated enough for him to drive to the tire store, and then the car wouldn't start. Dead battery. So we go to WalMart, which we both hate with a passion, to get a new battery, but when we get there find out we need to bring the old battery in.

So, back home again, Husband tries to take out the battery, and none of his tools are the right size. So he has to borrow some tools (from someone different than we borrowed the pump) and finally gets the battery out, gets a new battery, and gets it in the car. Only now it's too late in the day to get a new tire. Which will probably be flat again in the morning.
Tags: whining
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