spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Looks like we're hitting the road

Rita is up to catagory 5; still don't know where it's going to hit but I just got a broadcast phone message from my city's emergency management team strongly recommending voluntary evacuation.

My sister is worried about my parents, so has come up with a "we're all going or we're all staying" plan to convince my (very stubborn) father to leave. The decision isn't final yet, but unless the storm makes a big turn to the south, we will probably be heading out around noon tomorrow and going to Ft. Worth by way of college station.

We got some large ziplock bags to waterproof some of the more important documents around the house but other than that and moving the computer away from the window into an inside closet and making sure we don't have anything out in the yard that will turn into a projectile, I'm not doing anything special before we go. Stuff is stuff; it can always be replaced.
Tags: randomness
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