spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

A lip by any other name

I have spent the last 25 years in search of the lipstick that would change my life. I know, I know....lipstick? I'm not sure exactly how this idea came into my head, but it's always been there. Maybe it stems from all those years I spent as an ugly duckling, waiting to turn into a swan. Eventually, I gave up the waiting, but the idea that someday I might look in the mirror and actually see a swan never quite went away. Instead, it manifested into an obsession with finding the perfect lipstick.

The problem is, I don't really like most lipsticks. At least, I don't like them on me. I see other women with gloriously colored lips - colors that aren't found in nature or even in most people's imaginations - and I think they look wonderful. But when I put them on me, I just feel silly. I went through a phase in the early 90's where I ached for the perfect orange lipstick. I bought seven different ones and eventually threw them all away. In the 80's, it was a search for the perfect burgundy. (Remember when everything was burgundy? If you don't, don't tell me...I don't need another reminder that I'm older than dirt)

For several years I wore a Body Shop lipstick called "Pink Ginger". A big bonus was that it didn't make my lips peel, something that about 95% of lipsticks on the market do. I think I wore it for so long because the day I bought it, a co-worker mentioned what a great color it was for me. The problem is there is only one Body Shop anywhere near me, and it's not in a shopping center I generally go to. I used to get my SIL to pick me up three or four of them on her annual trip there, but forgot about it this year. So, I've been reduced to spending hours in front of cosmetic displays agonizing over whether Berry Ice will bring out the circles under my eyes or Uptown Brown is too neutral or Orchid Passion is too over the top.

My latest aquisition is Nude Splurge. It's a little too close to flesh-tone (oh, how I hate flesh-tone lipstick with a passion) but has just enough color to pass muster. And how can you not love the name? I mean, who gets to name lipstick colors, and how do I get that job? I can just see the chemists looking at this batch and saying, "I don't know, Bob...it seems a little fleshy to me" and then a marketing guy comes by and says, "Don't worry about it...we'll call it Nude Splurge and they'll snap it up."

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