spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

A day in the life

I didn't post yesterday because I just didn't have time. I know, I know, "You always have time for the things that are important to you." I'll do better. (Who am I kidding?)

Anyways, a good chunk of the time I didn't have to post yesterday was spent at Dave and Buster's, at something called a meetup. This particular meetup was for Firefly fans, which means I have truly crossed the line into total Geekdom. There's simply no reaching me now.

It was a nice group, and everyone seemed very normal - at least as normal as people who are willing to meet with a group of complete strangers just for the opportunity to talk about a television show can be.

In other news, we stopped by Old Navy to buy the baby some more clothes; Old Navy is the only place I know that consistently carries 5Ts. Luckily they were having a sale and I managed to snag four pairs of shorts and a handful of shirts without spending more than I can afford. I very sternly told the baby he is not to grow until winter.

Tags: firefly, shopping
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