spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Someone bring the cheese, because I've got the whine

I haven't posted in a while, because I've been sick. Sunday we took The Boy to the zoo and while we were eating lunch my eye started feeling funny. An hour later, we were on our way to the clinic because it was swollen shut and gunky. Not to get too graphic, but I have never had so much stuff coming out of any part of me in so short a time. The doc gave me some drops, which burned like crazy.

Monday morning, I was running a fever, I felt like I had a tennis ball shoved down my throat, and my eye looked like something out of the last frame of  Rocky. I stayed home from work sipping hot tea and apple juice and putting drops in my eye while wondering each time if I'd accidentally picked up a bottle of drano instead of the medicine.

Tuesday, I had to go to work because we were rolling out a new program that night with major changes for my group, and I had to give the training. Three one-hour sessions of training, back to back. Wednesday, I couldn't speak. As in, no sound came out of my mouth. I still felt rotten. Which sucked because it was my birthday, although it was still a better birthday than the year I got carjacked. Yesterday, I still couldn't speak, and my other eye started to feel funny.

Last night, I slept a total of three hours because I was coughing so much. This morning, both my eyes were gummed shut. The pressure in my head was frightening. I went to the doctor, and she told me my infection is viral, I'm dehydrated, and I'm suffering from sleep deprivation. I felt so glamorous...like those actresses who get diagnosed with "exhaustion". She ordered me to sleep at least 10 - 12 hours a night for the next couple of days, which I have no idea how I'll manage because I've never slept more than 9 hours at a stretch in my life, and that's rare. She did give me some cough suppressent with codine, which should help, but won't last 12 hours.

So, to recap...I have fluid behind my eardrums, a violent cough, two infected eyes, my head fills like it's been filled with cement, my throat feels like it's bound with iron bands, and when I do manage to get words to come out of my mouth I sound like I've been possessed by Bette Davis. This has not been my best week ever.

Feel free to heap pity upon me now.

Tags: desperate for attention, whining
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