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The house is very quiet [Jul. 3rd, 2005|07:59 pm]

No updates for the past few days, because we've been in a bit of a whirlwind. I took the kids to the beach on Friday, then we dropped by the Rainforest Cafe before going home for a bite to eat. The Boy was very impressed with the Volcano dessert...or as it's announced there, "VOLLLLLCANOOOOOO!!!!!" I think if I worked at the Rainforest Cafe I would really, really hate the Volcano.

Yesterday, the whole family went to Moody Gardens. We got day passes and did EVERYTHING there was to do. Well, not everything, since we opted out of  the paddlewheel boat, because it's hot and takes too long. But other than that, we did everything. They have a new animatronic dinosaur exhibit that The Boy got very excited about, and everyone liked the 3-D shark movie.

And today, Oldest Daughter had to fly back. And, as always, the house is much too quiet.


[User Picture]From: uppity_woman
2005-07-03 06:17 pm (UTC)
the moody gardens is one of our favorite places :) when ian was tiny he adroed the aquarims, my husband always loves the rainforests. We even spent one night of our honeymoon in the resort. Heh.

i'm glad you liked the dinosaurs exhibit. we went down to the strand today and visited the train museum. the traffic was horrible. what were we thinking?
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