spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

No, this isn't from Dilbert

It's from my husband's place of work. Which could be Dilbert's, only it's not a corporation. It just acts like one. To whit:

Bizarre corporate culture mindset number one - He has recently moved to a new office, which he shares  with a co-worker. Originally, they were both supposed to get private offices. So, A Decision Was Made to get a partition for the office, so they could have some privacy. Today, the partition arrived - and The Boss returned it and asked for a smaller one because...you know the answer already...the first one blocked their view of each other.

Bizarre corporate culture mindset number two - The new office has a bank of windows opening into the hallway. Yup, you read that right - not the outside, the hallway. Today, a crew came in to install some very expensive blinds. Which, once installed, the occupants of the office lowered. And which The Boss immediately ran across the hall to tell them to keep open. Yes, folks - these are your tax dollars at work. "What should we do with all this money?...I know! We'll install expensive blinds and tell the employees not to use them!!"

Tags: weird work stuff
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