spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Can't it work just ONCE?

How come nothing ever works?

This afternoon I needed to update a Visio flowchart. In order to do this, I have to go through our Citrix server, because when my computer stopped working last month and they brought me a new one, they didn't bring me one with the newest image on it. In fact, it hadn't been reimaged at all. And they didn't load all my old stuff on it, so I lost (among other things) my local Visio.

In any case, when I tried to log to the Citrix server, I got an error. The exact same error I got last week, when I had to reload something or other. Which, according to the help desk, I needed to reload again, because it apparently wasn't on my computer, despite the fact that I was just using this program last week, after I loaded the stuff that is missing today.

In the midst of the conversation with the helpdesk, I remembered that I needed to go to the parking office.

Last week my parking tag stopped working. They told me I could use my building access badge instead. That didn't work, either. So I got a new parking tag on Thursday. It worked, although it seemed a bit persnickity.

Today, the new tag didn't work. Well, it worked at the lower level entrance, but not at the entrance into my company's parking. So I took it back to the parking office and got a new new tag.

When I got home there was a message on my answering machine. It was the parking office, letting me know that they forgot to get the numbers to register my new tag, so it won't work tomorrow.

I've spent the last two weeks off and on building out some new functionality in my Access database at work. It was pretty impressive - did everything it was supposed to do with a few bells and whistles added for good measure.

Tonight I stayed late to move it into production. And it doesn't work. The main query for the new report that was the point of the whole thing returns some funky error about the function not being available as a query expression, even though it works just fine in my sandbox database. Which, I should point out, is EXACTLY like my production database, because the production database is a copy of the freakin' sandbox.

OK - true story: While I'm typing this entry, the computer locks up and my monitor blinks out. Maybe I should just go to bed.

Tags: tech stuff i don't understand, whining
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