spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Check? Check.

I send in a Reality Check article to iVillage every month. The article they still have posted as current is the one from March.

My editor told me a few weeks ago that the April article was in copyedit. I had asked because I sometimes had problems with attachments getting through to her email, and had to send in the April article twice.

Normally, I get paid when they publish the article. But last week I got the check for April. So that was a good thing, because I thought maybe I'd never get paid.

So, yesterday, I happened to click on the main page, which I hardly ever do because I usually go straight to my boards, and under the "What's New" section was a link to my Reality Check article - for March.

It was very cool to be featured on the main page, though. Almost made me feel like a real writer. I have another article due next week - I wonder if they're going to publish more than one a month to get caught up? I should ask my new editor - I sent her May's article a bit late and never got a response from her saying she got it. But being new in the position, she's probably swamped with getting up to speed. I don't want to come across as needy. Even though I am.

By the way, April's article is about the new "sexy mom" trend and May's is about the Tooth Fairy. Any suggestions for this month would be appreciated, since right now I've got nuthin'.
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