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Does this mean I dress cheap?

My niece's high school graduation is tomorrow. Last Saturday, I took some things to the cleaners, among them the skirt I was planning to wear to the ceremony. Today, when I stopped by the cleaners at 3:15 to pick up my stuff, there was a hand-lettered sign on the door saying, "Sorry, we closed today at 3:00".

Hello? A bit of warning would have been nice. Not only was the skirt I planned to wear at the cleaners, but the only two other things I have that are really suitable for the occasion were also there.

So, I had to run out and find something. Which I thought would be easy, but turned out to be quite an ordeal. I should have gone to JCPenney, the mecca of casual clothing, but I opted for Steinmart. Usually I can find something there in about ten minutes, and I did find a skirt almost immediately, but it took me forever to find a top to go with it. I ended up with a sleeveless sweater. I don't do sleeveless. But this was an emergency.

Actually, it's not entirely true that I couldn't find something - I did find an absolutely gorgeous skirt, deep yellow with white embroidery, and an openwork lace top that looked smashing with it. But I was being cheap, and they were both a bit outside my budget.

I could look like a million bucks, if I would spend a hundred of 'em.
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