spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

The secret is out

Or at least it will be, after this post.

I watch The Bachelor. Or, to be more precise, half of The Bachelor, because my other secret vice (Girlfriends) is on opposite it for the first half hour. I don't ususally watch it, but I was a big Sliders fan and always liked Charley and it piqued my interest when I heard he was going to be the next bachelor. So, I watch The Bachelor. I just don't tell anyone.

What made me break my silence? Tonight's episode was just too bizarre not to talk about. Sara W, the total hag, got the boot. And in her "going away" monologue, she actually started going on and on about how she was such a "sweet girl" and a "good catch". And then she started up with something that went like this...

"It's like, I can't like, help what happens. People are so like mean to me for like no reason...like because I'm like too beautiful. That like really sucks and like it's some sort of racist like thing and it sounds terrible but like it's true. That's why I like didn't get like a rose today...everything would have like been OK if I were a little bit uglier."

Heellllooooooo...maybe it's like, because like, you're like, you know...a total bitch.

Tags: snark, television
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