spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,


And it takes a lot to get a squee out of me.

I am SO EXCITED I can hardly type. First the Serenity Trailer came out today, and it totally rocks, despite the fact that the studio just had to have sound in space. But that was only the beginning.

There is going to be a SNEAK PREVIEW in Austin on May 5th...a good FIVE MONTHS sooner than the release date. Aaaannnnndddd....

I'VE GOT TICKETS!!!! Fandango is my friend.

May 6 is Husband's birthday, so it's my present to him. We'll pick up Middle Daughter after school Thursday, drive to Austin for the movie at 10:00, then spend the night there and drive home Friday.

My only fear is that the movie actually won't be Serenity, since it was only listed as "Special Showing". But the source seems reliable enough, and if it turns out to be something else, I'm only out $27.50.

So, to recap: SQUEEEEEE!!!!

Tags: firefly
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