spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

What I learned this week

Using soft scrub with bleach to remove a tea stain on the countertop is much more effective than simply looking at the stain for a week and thinking I wonder if soft scrub with bleach will get that out?

Trying to figure out what your AICP bonus is going to be requires math.

Do not make a really large batch of spaghetti unless you want leftover spaghetti for three days in running.

I really, really - I mean really - miss doing system design.

No matter how much you scrub bad data, when you're done it's still bad data.

My body shape is incompatible with seven brands of jeans.

One three year old can make more mess than two adults and a preteen.

Oregano is not Herbs du Provence, no matter how much the jars look alike.

An omelette with black forest ham, cheese, and oregano is not half bad. It's all bad.

Blogging in your head for four days does not get your Live Journal updated.

Tags: randomness
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