spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

It's my body and I'll cry if I want to

A while back I whined about the nurses trying to give me IVs and not listening when I warned them that my veins were very small. Now I'm going to whine about my doctor not listening to me, so be forewarned.

The Boy is on his third round of antibiotics trying to shake off a strep infection he's had for almost a month. I had also been feeling under the weather and when the ped mentioned that Husband or I might be passing it around, I took an 8-day run of Augmentin that I had left over from my surgery. I felt better, but not great, and when The Boy got diagnosed for the third time, I thought maybe I should get tested.

On Tuesday I was feeling steadily worse, so I left work early and went to see my ENT, and told him I wanted a strep test. He wouldn't give me one. He said that since I'd taken the Augmentin I couldn't have strep. I told him that my son was on his third antibiotic and still had strep, and he just shrugged. He told me I had "cedar fever" and gave me Allegra. Which did nothing.

By midnight I was hurting all over, had chills so bad I couldn't sleep, and was running a fever of 103. The muscle aches made me think "flu" but when I didn't feel any better today and my throat felt worse, I wrangled an appointment with a family practitioner. She took one look at my throat and said, "Strep".

Why, oh why, won't doctors listen? I've been living in this body for 44 years and I know when something's wrong. I've had strep and know what it feels like. Heck, I can spot strep in my kids, and I don't even live in their bodies. I once diagnosed Middle Daughter with strep just by talking to her on the phone for less than a minute, while I was an entire ocean away.

The good news is, I'm now taking another antibiotic and should be feeling better soon. The bad news is, I've lost an entire week of work and could have been over this already if the stupid ENT had just listened to me in the first place.
Tags: whining
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