spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

If only this worked for my thighs

I have eight bags of trash in my kitchen and four boxes in my garage to send to Goodwill, plus a pile of stuff sitting by the curb. Wait...I just looked out the front window, and I have a half a pile of stuff sitting by the curb. Some of it has already moved on to a good home.

My walk-in closet - flung
Middle Daughter's dresser drawers - flung
My lingerie chest drawers - flung
The Boy's dresser drawers - flung
One side of the garage - flung
My freezer - flung
Under my bed - flung
The bathroom cabinet - flung
Various corners of the house - flung

My total so far: 920 pounds, just a couple of bags shy of my 1000 pound goal. But I'm not done yet. I have one drawer in my dresser still to fling. Middle Daughter has a toy chest, a small dresser, and half a closet to go. There is still half the garage, the shed, our junk closet, and the attic to go through.

It has been wonderful this week, not having to look behind stuff, around stuff, dig through stuff, to get to what I need. To open my underwear drawer and know that no matter what I reach in and pull out, it will fit and be in good condition is an amazing feeling.

I think I might even be a little sad when there's nothing left to fling.
Tags: decluttering
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