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Yesterday was my running-errands-all-day-like-crazy day. I had, like, a bazillion places I needed to go, and it didn't help that my first stop lasted more than an hour longer than I had planned.

I had mapped out all my stops to avoid unecessary driving and backtracking all over town. Stop number two was to get my car tags renewed. Because my first stop ran long, I pulled up to the building right around lunchtime, so the parking lot was packed. I started to go in the building, when a new sign taped to the door caught my eye.

We do not accept personal checks, credit cards, or debit/ATM cards for payment.

This was a problem. I've always paid for my car tags with a check, so didn't have enough cash on me. And the bank was my next stop, and not particularly close, and three other of my errands were close to the bank, and I was really hungry. So I threw my schedule out the window, stopped by the bank to get the cash, and of course the line was miles long because it was Friday and payday and lunchtime. By this time I was starving, but I was good and did two more of my errands. I went to Lowe's to pick up the rest of my kitchen hardware I had special ordered, and even though there were seven employees hanging out behind the service counter, apparently only one of them really had anything to do with serving customers. By the time I got home I was so hungry I could have eaten the laundry. Instead I had some tuna and worked some more around the house and then went back to get my tags.

The tax office is at the far end of the building, but when I walked in the front doors the line started about six inches away. New month, Monday holiday, an hour before closing, and everyone and their dog is getting their registration renewed.

At this point I could have just left and come back some other day, but what I haven't mentioned is that my car tags had expired already. Back in June. I found my registration paperwork when I did a fling of all the accumulated mail/paperwork in the entryway that morning. My life is too filled with irony for me to drive six months on expired tags without getting stopped for me to actually have the paperwork in my possession for more than a day.

When I finally get through the doors of the tax office they have a sign hanging from the ceiling which says We accept personal checks for automobile transactions.

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