spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

If I don't think, am I?

I joined the livejournal community, and now I have a profile to fill out.

This past week, one of the debate topics on another forum I frequent asked how we define ourselves.

At work, I've recently moved into a new location and we're required to come up with a "this is who I am" blurb as part of a team building effort.

And I have to say, I'm completely stumped on all of them. I have no clue where to begin. Everything I come up with is either pretentious, lame, or pretentiously lame. How do I sum up myself?

I like chocolate. I dream of water. I chew on my lower lip when I'm thinking. I wring my hands when I'm nervous, just like my mother does. I can't carry a tune. I'm terrible with names. I read lots of adolescent literature. I love Shakespeare, Elton John, and pancakes. My husband says I snore. I talk too much. I'm shy around strangers. I love the beach. I don't like heights. When I have people over, I cook too much food. I never remember to pay my bills on time.

How many pieces do I have to gather before they start to form a whole? Is the universe conspiring to force me into evaluating who I am, what I have become? By picking and choosing what to reveal, am I being offered the chance to reinvent myself?

And if I am, can I reinvent myself with a smaller butt?
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