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If you say so

One of the fun things about having a toddler around is getting to hear language evolve. It always amuses me to see how he tries to fit new words into his understanding of the world. And to hear what sort of words catch his attention.

Right now he's suffering from a bad case of strep throat, which means he's spent a lot of time on the couch watching videos. And because he is Husband's son, that means videos like Ultra Man, Johnny Socco and His Flying Robot, and Them. I probably have the only three-year-old in the world who can recognize every monster in every episode of Ultra Man, and call them by name. Monster names facinate him.

Them had an unexpected side effect. There is one scene where the good guys run across a drunk man, gone hysterical from the sight of the giant ants. The Boy thought that scene was a real knee-slapper, and now takes great delight in shouting, "Make me a sergeant - give me the booze!" at every opportunity. I'm sure that will go over big at daycare.

He's also a big Scooby Doo fan, although a couple of the tapes have been deemed "too scary". How he can watch giant ants roaming the countryside and think it's funny, but gets scared at a drawing of a guy in a diving suit is beyond me. But he likes the episode with the werewolf. Only, in The Boy Speak, it's not a werewolf, it's a bearwolf. I tried to correct him, and he just gave me that half-annoyed, half-pitying look. Poor Mommy. She doesn't know a bearwolf when she sees one.

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