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Twas the night after Christmas

Whew! Only two more nights of celebration, and then our Christmas season is over. But it's been a rather nice one, despite me feeling like I have knives shoved up my nose.

The snow on Christmas Eve was unbelievable. It ended up being much heavier than in the pics I posted - enough that The Boy was able to build (and subsequently gleefully kick over) a very small snowman. We did the usual snacky-food, carol-karaoke, Christmas-trivia get-together at my cousins', which is thankfully only four houses down, meaning we got to walk home in the snow, which is a very Christmassy thing to do that we have never done before.

Since Middle Daughter was with her dad, Santa didn't arrive at our house until Sunday night. But Christmas evening we had a family dinner at my parents' house, all turkey-and-dressing-like.

Yesterday my brother and his family arrived, so we did the traditional dinner at Luby's, which Husband hates. The whole a la carte thing confuses him. After dinner, we opened presents, which takes a while since we go around the room, youngest to oldest, opening one present at a time. The Boy was good natured about it, although after each present he asked to go home so he could play with it.

And then - home to put the kids to bed so Santa could call. This year, everyone crashed early, so Husband and I were in bed before midnight, something that hasn't happened in, oh...ever.

The gifts were a great success. I was a bit worried about one of my gifts to Husband, because I dared to stray from The List. But Oldest Daughter and I found a most marvelous robe at Steinmart, all manly and smoking jacketish, and Husband has never had one. He looked quite dashing in it, although it had the unexpected side effect of causing him to say things like "Fetch my pipe and slippers, Jeeves" in a bad British accent.

Oldest Daughter received her very own set of Firefly DVDs, so that she can go forth in the world and convert.

Middle Daughter, who as an aside has the world's largest stocking (I think this has been confirmed by Guiness) was excited over her S'more Maker set, but I think the morning can be best summed up with the word, "Lizard". Not a live one, and not a dead one (that would be wierd) but a stuffed one, bright orange and squishy.

The Boy was completely overcome with all gifts equally. Everyone in the family has now eaten a play doh hamburger made on his Play Doh George Foreman Grill (yes, they really exist) and received a thorough check-up with all the instruments in his doctor kit.

As for me, I have the bestest, most thoughtful husband in the world. You may remember back in July that I talked about going to see Steve Burns in concert. What I didn't mention was that at the time, I didn't have enough cash on me to buy his cd, and was very bummed. So, what was in my stocking this morning? None other than my very own copy of Songs for Dust Mites. But that's not all. I also got a new set of Celtic Oracle cards, which are out of print and for which I have been searching for years.

Later, I got to go to a follow-up visit with the ENT, in which he sucked many things out of my nose and then felt compelled to show them to me. Why is that? The good news is, I can go back to work tomorrow, and on Friday I can blow my nose. I'm marking my calendar now.

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