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Won't you be glad [Dec. 22nd, 2004|01:16 pm]

when I get all this nose stuff over with and stop whining? Well, you may get relief sooner than expected, because the doctor's office just called and told me to come in tomorrow to have the splints removed instead of waiting until Friday. I guess the staff had some sort of uprising and convinced the doctor he really didn't want to work on Christmas Eve. I imagine it got pretty ugly, what with the myriad instruments of torture readily available.

I managed to wash my hair today, which was awkward, but I did keep my ears dry. I wanted to go in to work, but the hair washing thing took all the energy I could muster, so instead I'm back on the couch watching knock-off make over shows. So far a nice older lady got a new haircut and outfit to wear on a romantic dinner with her husband of 29 years, and a personal trainer got the tackiest bachelor pad imaginable. You know you're in trouble when the designer wants to paint a martini glass on the wall.