spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Can I help you?

My cunning new red Crocs showed up yesterday, and they are quite spiffy. I wore them to Middle Daughter's swim meet and they did everything the Crocs people said they would.

But even more than I love my Crocs, I am very impressed with the company's customer service.

Because when I ordered my Crocs, I ordered red ones. And when I got my Crocs (five days earlier than expected) they were Pearl White. If they had been any other color, I would have just kept them, since I was ambivlant about the red, but if you've clicked on the Crocs link, you can see that white Crocs just don't cut it. Wearing white Crocs makes you look like you've got both your feet in casts. Or that you're wearing hockey masks at the wrong end of your body.

So, I had to call, and tell them about the mistake. I really, really didn't mind about the mistake, because hey, mistakes happen. I make plenty of them myself. Really, I do. But I hated having to call, because I anticipated all sorts of explaining and hoop jumping to get it all straightened out. I envisioned not having my Spiffy Red Crocs for another six weeks while all the x's were crossed and j's were dotted.

Instead, a very nice guy named Willem apologized for the mix up, put in a request to the warehouse to send me a new pair, and popped a return label in the mail for me so I could send back my white ones.  So, less than a week later, here I am wearing my Spiffy Red Crocs to my daughter's swim meet.

I love my Crocs, and I love Crocs.

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