spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Do I lose mommy points

if I give my kids canned soup for supper? And do I gain points back if it's the "good" soup that we're supposed to hide until the kids have left home?

I just don't have much energy tonight. Colds all the way around, and everyone is droopy. Husband is working late and I'm just sitting around waiting for him to come home. How pathetic is that? I'm sure at some point I'll muster the strength to at least do the dishes, but I'm not shooting for anything beyond that.

I had a very nice bone crunching today. A couple of weeks ago my back started hurting, and it wouldn't stop. I went from tylenol to advil to aspirin to aleve to codine and none of it helped. I was sleeping about two hours a night because it hurt too much to lie down. A coworker mentioned they went to a chiropractor who takes our insurance and has offices in the tunnel, and so I called. And got an appointment that day! Yipee! (This was Friday) A couple of really serious adjustments and some electrostim later, and I was nearly pain free. Just a little sore spot behind my hip, which is better today after my second visit.

I'm very excited; it's been a long time (that means nearly ten years) since I've gone to a chiropractor and I was really starting to feel it. Who knows - a few more visits, and maybe I'll even be able to turn my head to the left again.

One amusing thing. Well, amusing to me, because until my ENT said something, I never realized that I have an unusually high pain tolerance, because I consider myself a great big whiny wimp. Anyway, when the chiro was setting up the electrostim, he said, "I'll turn this up gradually, and just let me know when it's strong enough. You don't want it to be so strong you can't relax." So he turns it up, and turns it up, and turns it up, and after about the fifth time I hear him say, "Um...this is really strong." I just laughed and told him I was fine, but he wouldn't turn it up any more.
Tags: being a domestic goddess, desperate for attention
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