spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

For really stimulating conversation, find a three year old

I love the way three-year-olds think out loud. When Middle Daughter was this age, I always said I felt like I was living in an episode Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, because she kept up a running commentary. The Boy isn't quite so prolific, but he does offer some interesting tidbits. The other day we were driving and he noticed a bird sitting on a phone line.

"Look, a bird."

"Where?" I ask.

"Up there, on the wire. I can sit on the wire."


"Yes, when I'm a bird, I can sit on the wire. And then you would be really tall, and reach up and hold me. And you would hold me in your arms, and take me down, and hold me, and we would go home. That would be a good day."

Ah, to be young, and think that all things are possible. To think that one day, you could be a bird. And it would be a good day.

Tags: the boy
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