spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Do you smell that?

So I was in the grocery store, and right there on the shelf was Blueberry scented Windex. Blueberry. Scented.

Where is the logic in this? Was there some sort of market testing to find out what people wanted their windows to smell like? Which scents lost out? Did the apple-pie windows do poorly in the 30-50 demographic? Did the minty fresh windows not appeal to the dual income crowd?

And who the heck wants their windows to smell at all? Windows aren't supposed to smell like anything. Are there really people who go through life thinking, I can't smell my windows! There must be something wrong! Shouldn't I be able to smell them? How can I make them smelly? 

I don't buy scented anything if there is a fragrance free option. I just don't get the allure of having things smell like other things. I don't want my windows to smell like blueberries, my bathroom to smell like a rainforest, my dishes to smell like lemons, my kleenex to smell like roses, or my girlie bits to smell like raspberries.

Something about this scented madness stinks.

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