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Life on the dirty side [Jun. 16th, 2015|10:42 pm]
Tropical Storm Bill turned out to be a non-event at our house, which is a very good thing. In fact, it rained so little this morning that I was contemplating watering the plants on the back patio.

My office was closed, so I worked from home. I hate working from home. I really like keeping my work life and my home life separate. People are always trying to sell me on how wonderful working from home is. They say, "You can work in your pajamas!" like it's a good thing. I don't want to work in my pajamas. I want to sleep in my pajamas. At the very most, I want to lounge on the couch with a nice cup of tea and perhaps a slice of toast with butter and peach jam and a novel ten grades below my reading level.

I put some ribs in the slow cooker. Big mistake. Here's a public service announcement for you: Do not use the slow cooker when you are going to be home all day. Because I spent all day with the smell of cooking ribs wafting through the house, which for the first four hours made me really hungry for ribs and for the last four hours made me never want to eat ribs again.

We are supposed to get more rain tomorrow. Hopefully that will be a non-event as well. I can't predict what the weather will do, but I do predict that I will not be working from home in my pajamas with the smell of slow-cooking ribs wafting through my house. I'm pretty confident that's a sure thing.