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Here is where I am [Jun. 9th, 2015|11:03 pm]
I've been meaning to get back to blogging for a while. But it's so, so hard to jump back in after being silent for so long. It's like I've lost my voice.

And then I saw people starting the "100 days of LJ" thing, and at first I was inspired but then I was intimidated because I knew I'd never be able to keep it up but then almost everyone on my friend's list that was doing it missed a day so now I'm OK with it again.

And just when I was about to type "and - yay - the issue with not being able to type in the visual editor seems to be fixed" the issue with not being able to type in the visual editor started happening again. I have become such a jinx that I don't even have to talk about something to jinx it. I just have to think it.

So, I have no idea what I'm going to blog about, but I'm here. And that's a start, right?

[User Picture]From: psychokitten76
2015-06-10 11:18 am (UTC)
I started a 30 days thing to get back into it - I haven't finished yet but it certainly got me back into the habit!
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