spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Hill Country DITL

I try to take a picture of my Really Big Hair but Husband interrupts

I sit on the back porch while everyone gets ready

Rosco thinks about coming outside

We drive into Fredericksburg and head towards our destination

There are signs that Spring is almost here

Almost there

We have to wear ear protection

Because we are watching a re-enactment. It is very loud.

This WWII vet had a cane engraved with "Bubba Stick"

The long walk back. I love how they walk the same way.

Lunch time!

I liked the windows in the restaurant.

After lunch we head back to the museum

Last time we were here, we didn't get to walk through it all

I find out how to get a plaque for my dad, who earned a Purple Heart in the Pacific.

The boys want to go through the museum, but it's such a pretty day I go window shopping instead.

I buy some soap for my mom in this shop

I take this picture to show Middle Daughter, because I know she will roll her eyes at swords and knives being for men

It's a very pretty town

The trees are starting to drop pecans

Which made me think this sign was funny

I love all the architectural details, because where I live there aren't any

And all the shops are really cute

I really like these bells. I think about buying several different ones for a charm bracelet.

They are obviously fans of the ornamental cabbage here.

I head back towards the museum

We all make it back to the car at about the same time

We drive past miles and miles and miles of this

Back home, I sit on the porch for a bit

Husband and Rosco play a bit

I finish my book

While Husband cooks dinner

And then we all collapse
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