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Some things are just too scary

So, a friend is doing NaNoWriMo and was strongly encouraging me to do it, too. I knew I'd never follow though, but I sort of committed in my head to doing NaNoBloMo instead, and writing a blog post every day in November.

You may have noticed that today is November second. And I did not post anything yesterday. I like to get my failure to meet a goal out of the way early in the process. It takes the pressure off.

So, we had a splendid Halloween. I love my neighborhood because no one has the "Trick or Treat is for little kids" attitude. It's not unusual to see high school kids or even adults holding out a bag, so I don’t have to worry about people giving my 5’6” 12-year-old boy the stinkeye.

This year he wanted to be Green Arrow, and thankfully Middle Daughter, who is now obsessed with cosplay, did the majority of the work for his costume. Also thankfully he still fit into the leather jacket Husband bought for him back in fourth grade. All I had to make was the hood, which was super easy, and even easier because I totally cheated attaching the hood since no one would see the inside of it anyway. I’ve made at least a half dozen hooded capes over the years but I just drew a total blank about how to do it and the directions (I was using a raincoat pattern) were useless.

One of the families in the neighborhood put together a haunted house, which resulted in a conversation yesterday about haunted houses and what’s scary and what’s not. Husband and I decided that we should do a haunted house for grownups. It would have things like a room with a grown kid that won’t move out and one with an accountant showing you your retirement savings balance and a room full of out of warranty major appliances making clanking noises.
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