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Comicpalooza DITL [May. 28th, 2014|10:26 am]
Day one of Comicpalooza. I kept forgetting to take pictures.

We park at my office and walk to the convention center. Along the way these mannequins judge us.
 photo compicaloozafriday003_zps3b0f0a39.jpg

Middle Daughter and I arrive early to pick up everyone's passes. There is a line.
 photo compicaloozafriday007_zps7be73842.jpg

Totally awesome Dalek cosplay.
 photo compicaloozafriday008_zps28a396dc.jpg

A pair of Tens and Bad Wolf Rose.
 photo compicaloozafriday009_zpsfaf0c75c.jpg

The convention isn't open yet, so we have second breakfast.
 photo compicaloozafriday010_zpse6236ad3.jpg

The line to get into the exhibit halls. It I very humid, so I decide to wait inside.
 photo compicaloozafriday011_zps7dd8a397.jpg

Obligatory DITL public bathroom selfie. My hair was straight when I left home. Hair damage control becomes a theme of the day.
 photo compicaloozafriday014_zps4cb1446b.jpg

I am the Mark Spitz of convention badges. (Those of you who aren't older than dirt can substitute Michael Phelps)
 photo compicaloozafriday015_zpsedf423e4.jpg

Middle Daughter is excited at the thought of meeting James Marsters.
 photo compicaloozafriday017_zpscdba9745.jpg

He is very, very nice.
 photo compicaloozafriday019_zpsea0fc51c.jpg

The rest of the family shows up. We geek out over the S.H.I.E.L.D. car.
 photo compicaloozafriday021_zpsa999768b.jpg

 photo compicaloozafriday024_zps28a215dd.jpg

 photo compicaloozafriday027_zpsb829bd41.jpg

Oldest Daughter and I take a Foxtrot class.
 photo compicaloozafriday032_zpsb8e36ec1.jpg

Even Lego Thor is handsome. Lego Wonder Woman looks like she has cellulite.
 photo compicaloozafriday034_zps4aa316dd.jpg

We walk through the park to get back to our car.
 photo compicaloozafriday036_zps88198e08.jpg

We get to the diner just in time to finish the cheese fries.
 photo compicaloozafriday037_zps9b509001.jpg

Middle Daughter pretends to be horrified at the thought of ordering vegetables.
 photo compicaloozafriday038_zps0c11b5f2.jpg

Husband checks the Day Two schedule. And then I'm too tired to take any more pictures.
 photo compicaloozafriday040_zps3fe3405f.jpg

[User Picture]From: jchammonds
2014-05-28 11:34 pm (UTC)
OMGoodness, The Boy is BIG! :(! I can't believe how much bigger/older he looks!

Wonder Woman with cellulite - realistic. I like that.

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[User Picture]From: spinthemoon
2014-05-29 03:50 am (UTC)
He is growing so fast. I swear I send him to school in the morning and when he comes home he's two inches taller.
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