spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Let's go fly a kite...a weekend DITL

I'm trying to use up a facial mask that's been taking up room in the cabinet, so my morning starts like this

Middle Daughter comes home from a slumber party at my Mom's

We do some stamping to steampunk a plain kite. It's very last minute

Because we are about to head out the door. Molly is not pleased, because she is staying home.

I try a selfie in the vanity mirror, but Middle Daughter photobombs it.

We drive until we get to the island.


I don't know that I've ever seen anything growing on a palm tree.

We drive through and get some lunch.

DH always parks around the corner.

Hello kitty. (Not ours)

Up the steps.

The Boy brings up the rear.

We drop off our stuff and eat quickly...

...because we have to change clothes for the beach.

I'm still surprised every time I see the Pleasure Pier. In my head, there is supposed to be a hotel there.

I do love the crab.

I don't remember the last time I saw a green flag. The water is very very flat today.

We unload the kites

The Boy carries the bag.

The beach side of the seawall

Our new pirate kite is very cool.

Kites for everyone!

Husband and Middle Daughter have to do some tricky maneuvering to prevent a collision. The wind is very unpredictable.

The Boy flies the pirate kite

The kraken kite chases the pirate kite

With inevitable results

The Boy decides to hang out on the jetty

It's not very crowded today

Stepping over all the cracks is tricky business

My octopus and I stop to smell the flowers

Middle Daughter jumps off things

And makes goofy shadows

Husband tries his hand at the pirate kite

Middle Daughter tries to climb up the seawall

But decides it's too hard

There is a lull in the wind, so we hit the picnic basket

Have some cantelope!

The kites are in the sun, so I borrow The Boy's hat and Middle Daughter's sunglasses.

Making friends with the gulls

And then a wedding happens, so we try to be quiet during the ceremony and not photobomb them with kites

We watch the gulls, and they watch us

There are lots of jellyfish this time of year

Middle Daughter wants to touch one

The Boy has a snack

The shadows are getting long, so we head back up the seawall. I've always thought this monument was creepy.

Second bathroom selfie of the day. I am very windblown.

Husband watches TV while I do some facebooking. Look! I have a smartphone now!

No, he hasn't fallen down the stairs, he's just hanging out in the courtyard.

I hang out with him for a bit and take some pictures before the sun goes down.

I love this door.

And the old brick


Husband starts dinner, then realizes he forgot to bring taco seasoning, so I brown the meat while he runs to the store

He returns  victorious from hunting and gathering

Dinner's ready!

As soon as she is done eating, Middle Daughter decides she is very tired

So not long after, she hits the sack

The Boy stays up for a while

I realize I am also very tired, so I take the day off and head to bed.

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